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Looking fot a DAC..

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I'm looking for a "user friendly" DAC with the following functionnalities :


(a) at least one optical input

(b) automatic power down (standby mode)

© when a signal is back, automatic wake and switch to the active input


A few DACs (Cambridge DAC Magic 100, Teac UD-50x) have the standby feaure, but (b) seems much more tricky : DM100 wakes to the last active input before standby (not necessarily the one that wakes the DAC), UD-50x has to be powered up manually...


In fact, as you may have guessed, I'm just looking for a DAC that I could completely "forget" : no need to turn it on, no need to turn it off :)


Thanks for your help !

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Most DAC's are designed to be left on all the time. That's a good thing since they can take a long time to warm up. My recommendation would be to pick the DAC that sounds the best. As far as ease of use goes, the DAC does all the work. You won't have any trouble.

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Quad DSD is not the future of music files. MQA may possibly be the future of music playback. But you will be able to pursue MQA in many different ways. A down loaded program... JRiver or other servers... DAC's... and the list goes on and on.

The Brooklyn DAC made a big splash here recently. Two reasons, it's a very good DAC/Pre amp and it supports MQA. Many are gearing up for MQA in the future. Keep you fingers crossed.


I went another route. I bought a NuWave DSD DAC and will wait to see if MQA takes off. If it does, I will implement it into my system with one of the several decoding methods that will be available.

John Withem



JW Audio.


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