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Audirvana 2.3.3 - no more DSF?

Todd R

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I just realized that I no longer get DSF files to play on Audirvana 2.3.3.

Using a PS Audio NuWave DSD Dac.

Every other file type works and these file will play with JRiver, but the DSD light is not coming on at the DAC.


Did something change in the last software revision?

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Hang on, it's not just Audirvana, it seems to be a Mac thing. Tried another DAC, tried my Mac laptop, no DSD. Tried JRiver, same problem.

Moved DAC to the main system with an Auralic Aires streamer and DSD works there (being fed from the same hard drive too).

It's now looking like something with the Mac software? OS X 10.11.3

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