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MinimServer - Superlative support from Simon Nash


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Last Wednesday I ran into a problem with album listing while playing music on my NAS-based system.


Over the next 2 days, via the MinimServer forum, Simon located and solved the problem (by adding a tagging option to ensure all albums were correctly sorted by title). Simon's final posts that solved the problem were made at 15.56 and 21.15 on New Year's Eve!


This level of support was beyond any reasonable expectations; Simon's commitment to his user community is exemplary.

ALAC iTunes library on Synology DS412+ running MinimServer with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet running BubbleUPnP for control >

Hi-Fi 1: Airport Extreme bridge > Netgear switch > TP-Link optical isolation > dCS Network Bridge AND PS Audio PerfectWave Transport > PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Bridge Mk.II > Primare A60 > Harbeth SHL5plus Anniversary Edition .

Hi-Fi 2: Sonore Rendu > Chord Hugo DAC/preamp > LFD integrated > Harbeth P3ESRs and > Sennheiser HD800

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