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New iTunes Improves for Vista


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So, for about a year now, I've collected and stored all my music on iTunes and played it back through MediaMonkey via a USB DAC. I like iTunes but found MediaMonkey to have far better sound quality through my Vista-based PC. In fact, the iTunes playback even created an audiable static in some tracks, around the 1k hz range, which I chalked up to software compatability issues.


This week, I downloaded iTunes' latest update, 9.0.1, and problem solved. No static, crystal clean sound and a whole new transparency, depth, soundstage and other good buzzwords audiophiles drop like a cheap prom dress. But seriously, it was like someone removed duct tape from the tweeters after the new download. I'd be curious to know if anyone has experienced the same results or can offer insight.




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I am curious to know of comparison between these two. I use Foobar 9.6.9 version and after my latest custom build Intel e5300 cpu,ECS G41T-M2 mainboard, I really like the sonics without even a sound card. Every time I build a new rig I do this. Listen to stock, card, then Dac, added on one at a time. I have Itunes files, flac, Mp3 (secure mode),accurate rip, Flac frontend w/EAC. So, any comments?


Vista Ultimate 32 bit/ Intel e5300 cpu/ ECS G41T-M2 mainboard/Diamond XS Dac/line-in to Insignia Amp/ Cambridge SoundWorks meets Infinity RS1001\'s

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A while back, I had some issues with the previous version of iTunes on my Vista PC but I did download the latest update and it is an improvement although I didn't have the exact problems you stated Joe. I just updated my J. River software (14) and it simply blows away iTunes in every way. J. River is designed specifically for Windows so that may have a lot to do with it.





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