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rew - can't get any measurements signal

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Hello. Downloaded rew for my mac mini und bought a usb mic UMIK-1. My mini is connected via audiophilleo to my dac.<br>in the sound settings I chose the ap2, as well as in midi settings and rew output settings. When clicking on measurement I got absolute no sound and the mic just measures the residual noise of my room, around 40 db. Is rew not compatible with usb converters like audiophilleo ?<br><br>Hope someone here is familiar and point me in the right direction.

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i would connect the audiophilleo to a receiver to ensure the output is working.

if rew can see the audiophilleo, then selecting it in the settings should connect the software pins to the audiophilleo.

is the audiophilleo muted in the operating system volume control?

obviously you've got a spdif cord, can you test the same connection on the dac with a cable or satellite box?

perhaps the spdif cord is bad.

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oh, yeah, i forgot rew is very particular about anything else touching the output device when you start up the program and choose the device in the settings.

i've had to start rew first to get the software pins to connect, then open up other things.. because for some reason, if you can connect to the audio device more than once (such as two things playing audio at once) rew will reject the device 9 times outta 10 if rew doesn't connect to it first.

if i remember correctly, i've had issues with the browser being open.. as well as asio4all being connected to the soundcard.. as well as media player classic home cinema being open.


did you get your frequency response flat yet?

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I managed to cut some peaks at 120 and 270 hz. I recently moved to a new house and had no choice but to put my system in a tiny room, 3,5 x 3,5 meter. I have large speakers, avantgarde duo omega. Horns work surprisingly well diect in front of a wall and i get a huge sound stage.


Problem is low bass. When i saw the measurement i was shocked to see the response dropped of like a stone below 50 hz. Not flexible with speaker placement. Contacted the local jl audio importer in my country for a quote for their e 110 subs

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i remember when i used rew, i had multiple vst equalizers running to get the frequency response as flat as i could.

though you'd need a virtual soundcard to connect to the vst host.

reason i used multiple equalizers is because some areas needed more reduction than what one equalizer could give, and other times i could only boost with the equalizer so much before it started to distort (thinking either because the math used to make the plugin wasn't that good or because the plugin was modeled from analog hardware).


strange your bass drops at 50hz .. the specifications for those speakers say they play down to 18hz

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