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Marantz NA6005/NA8005 owners: a few questions before I buy

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Hello guys


I'm a little hooked on the NA6005, and think about ordering one now. I just have a few questions that I the manual didn't quite answer for me:


1) Input-switching: Will the player auto-switch to a service when I start streaming to it? I.e. if I start an airplay stream from my phome, will the player then turn on from standby and switch to airplay input? And if I later start streaming via bluetooth or spotify connect, will it then switch to bluetooth or spotify connect automatically? OR will I have to grab the remote (app) and manually select bluetooth, airplay or spotify every time I want to use one of the supported protocols?


2) Remote control amplifier: I also have a Marantz receiver, SR5003. It has the same Remote in/out connectors as this player and the manual says it will be able to control the amplifier, but no more details than that? Will it be able to turn on the receiver and switch it to CD input (or what i might prefer) when I start playing music on the NA6005? Will it work for both NAS playback and airplay/bluetooth/spotify connect? Can it also power off my amplifier when I power off the player using the app or remote? And what about volume control?


It's not clear to me whether the marantz remote system is just "repeating" the received IR codes to other units or if the units can send commands to each other?


3) Web-interface: Can the built-in web interface on the player be used for any kind of configuration, music browsing etc, or is it only for managing network settings and firmware?


4) Firmware updates: Do any of you have an idea of the level of firmware support that marantz offer for their devices (also after they are replaced by new models)? I really don't want to buy a player now which is useless in 2 years because spotify or apple changed their APIs and Marantz is too lazy to update my firmware (or they might just prefer that I buy a new machine).


I hope some of you are able to help me out - thanks in advance :)

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