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convert DSDIFF(DSD)255 to DSF(DSD)256

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I need help converting some files



i have these files Container: DSF (* .dsf) Type rip: tracks Bit: 256 (11,20 MHz / 1 Bit) Format: DSD256 Number of Channels: 2.0



My Cayin N6 does not support that extension above .This is not an sacd iso .These are individual DSD 256 audio files



I need output DSF(DSD) not DSDIFF(DSD) which i believe the above is



Many months ago i remember i had some similar issues where i needed to convert these type of individual files (not sacd iso ) , i thought it was sonore program i used , i tried and i am wrong



So the program i need is not sacd extract nor is it sonore , since i lost all my programs im banging my skull trying to remember what program i used in the past



I have tried TASCAM HiResEditor ( it does one file at a time and each takes 22 minutes UGH ) , but it only supports up to 128 DSD .



I have seen AUI , auidiphile inventory , im not sure how well it works , but the cost of the one that does DSD256 is way beyond what i can afford



A beautiful program like sacd extract is free , and AUI is so expensive







Can anyone here please advise what program i need ?




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