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Weiss DAC-2 Digital Out and Multi-Channel Bitstreams

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good day,


i am currently looking for a DAC for the mac mini-based music system i am building. the catch is that i am building both a 2-channel and home theater system on the same platform, and the simplest way for me to make this all work is to have a DAC that can receive both 2-Channel and multi-channel bitstreams (DD / DTS) and pass the multi-channel through unaltered to a digital output, whilst working it's magic on the 2-channel signals out through its analogue outputs.


I know that the Cambridge DACMagic as well as the Bryston BDA-1 both have this capability. I also know that the Weiss DAC-2 has a digital output, however, thus far I have been unable to confirm if the DAC-2 can pass a multi-channel bitstream through to it's digital output.


I've contacted Daniel Weiss directly - who incidentally is very responsive to enquiries - and also Chris Connaker, who also promptly got back to me, however, neither were able to say with certainty if the DAC-2 had this capability.


I would greatly appreciate any guidance in this area from individuals that know definitively.


Many thanks,



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