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Hey guys!


I'm beginner musician and I want to chose DAC for my home studio.

I have Audio-Technica MSR-7 headphones, and I don't want to listen it at Realtek. Also, I don't want to use any speakers, only headphones.

So I have not much money. On the future, I'm planning to buy microphone (Audio-Technica, maybe), and record something.

So now I have chosen two DAC's:

MuzPRO.eu - Behringer Xenyx 302 USB

MuzPRO.eu - M-Audio M-Track MkII


My question is: is it a good choice for beginner? Will I hear difference between onboard soundcard and this cards?

I wan't to buy Behringer, because it's cheaper. But, is it really bad, comparing to M-AUDIO? I think, I don't really need two inputs, but, is there anything else in M-AUDIO that's way better then in Behringer?


Thank you!

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