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M-Audio Firewire broken : need a DAC (ugent...)

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Hi !


My M-Audio Firewire is broken... I was never satisfied with it, so i'm quite happy; The firewire specs wasn't followed by this soundcard. It has broken the firewire port of my macbook one day... So now I need a new dac around 250$. I thought buying the beresford 7520 (caiman is sold out...) but i don't want to lose sound quality to my prior dac. What do you think ? I also think about the dacmagic.




Macbook 13.1\" - MAudio Firewire Audiophile - Profigold wire - NAD C 320 BEE - Triangle Comete 202 - Apple Nano 2nd Generation with Rockbox - Songbird - Spotify

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