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Weird Thing Happenning

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I am setting up a music server. It is running Windows 7 Pro headless from a Windows 7 Pro pc using Remote Desktop Connection and a Macbook Pro using CoRD software. I am configuring Foobar2000 to play my flacs using Wasapi from the network through the usb connection to the dac on my AMR CD-77.

With mouse keyboard and monitor attached it recognises my dac. Via CoRD on my Macbook it recognises it, but via Remote desktop connection it doesn't.

Actually it does show it in devices and printers but not in playback devices. When I make a connection with the Macbook it will work just fine, but when I connect through remote desktop Connection on the pc it doesn't and I can't get the files to play and Foobar gives the message to please select a valid device, but doesn't list the dac.

Totally weird! Any Thoughts?

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