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When I transported my music library from PC to Mac VERY STRANGE THINGS HAPPENED:-(

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Hello all. This is my first post, but I am desperate for an answer.


I am ripping my CDs on my PC using EAC.


But I have EAC rip directly to Apple Lossless.....


But I wanted to transfer my library from my PC to my Mac


So today I transfered the files and noticed that ALL the album cover art was about 10% darker on the Mac screen....I immediately thought it was just a monitor difference. BUT it is not! because when I changed a few of the album covers on my mac, the artwork looked correct (not too dark)....Please note the original cover art I acquired on the PC is the exact same file I acquired on the Mac, but when transferring the files from my external harddrive, the pictures came out darker.


Now this doesn't seem like a huge problem, and it isn't.......BUT....


I began thinking....What if the music files themselves are being changed somehow in the transfer from PC to Mac.....If the Jpg files can change quality, why not music?


I am very frightened that I Will have to re-rip every CD all over again because I really wanted the Mac to be the main music server.


Please, if someone can explain to me why the album cover art is different, but the music would not be different, it would be much appreciated.


Just to repeat one key thing......the monitor difference is NOT the factor, because when I erase the album cover art which was transfered from the PC, and I reacquire it on google from the same page I copied it from on the PC, it looks correct (not too dark)....





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