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Amarra & the 302 are a Dynamic Duo


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I've been using Amarra with and without Sonic Studio's 302.

Besides the benefit of keeping up with the sample rate changes

that iTunes doesn't, the marriage of these is ideal.

Since 98% of my files are 96kHz or less Im satisfied

with the price performance.


While comparing optical and USB interfaces I found the only

interface to support isochronous mode transfer's, that allow

unhindered streaming, is firewire. It's also the only protocol

intrinsically designed to transfer Hi-end Audio / Video from the start.


Overall there's a noise floor drop and a clean low-end extension.

Spaces surrounding different instruments are clarified

while defining their placement and dimension.


Amarra's full player has a High / low shelf, parametric EQ built in,

the 302 includes a graphically interfaced, 6 band, parametric EQ

so, with the 302, all you really need, is Amarra's "mini" player.

and because Amarra's Mini player is included with the 302,

it's also the best value.


I don't use the EQ for room nodes as of yet.

The real benefit is the built in RIAA EQ presets,

these can be used to archive your LP collection.


My files are stored on a self healing Data robotics Drobo that's interfaced via firewire.

For added convenience I modify my Mac's with touch panels to do away with

keyboards and mice for playback.

The iPhone & iTouch work well too.


Chris, You really have a great informative website here, with a community of

phenomenal persons, actively posting for the computer audiophile arena.




01010100 01110010 01101001 01110101 01101101 01110000 01101000

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