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Raspberry Pi2 windows 10

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The Windows 10 experience on Raspberry Pi 2 will likely be very similar to Windows RT - i.e. no desktop apps. However, Microsoft is doing the work to make sure that universal applications that run on the Surface Pro 3 also run on the Raspberry Pi 2.





AFAIK those universal applications are only limited to stuff designed for Metro




In other words, no foobar2000, no MQn, no JRMC, and no HQPlayer since they're all desktop apps built for x86 / x64 architecture for now. Maybe developers might bring them to Windows 10 for IoT for supporting both ARM and x86 simultaneously




However, we still have to deal with ASIO / WASAPI / Kernel Streaming support unless Microsoft is committed to bring USB Audio Class 2.0 to Windows 10 for IoT. Basically we could scratch RPi 2 off the list if the implementation of USB Audio were not working for USB DAC and DDC at all.

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