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Pono Provenance

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OK, I really do like my Pono Player, warts and all, but there are some things about Pono that drive me a little crazy. This is my last Pono rant and then it's back to the music.


Here is a (thus far unanswered) question that I posted on the Pono community forum:


What is the provenance of Neil Young's Catalog?


Well before the release of the Pono Player there was a lot of discussion about making the provenance known of hi res files available on the Pono Music Store. I remember reading about the Plangent Process being used on NY's live Riverboat recording. Beyond that I don't know of any reliable available information re: the provenance of any other recordings in NY's catalog. This is not to say that the quality of any of the NY recordings released thus far has been anything less than great. At the same time, there is variation in the resolution among his recordings thus far released(e.g., 16/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/192).


In the spirit of NY's own comments re: getting provenance information whenever possible, I would be interested to read an official statement from the Pono Music Store regarding the provenance of NY's recordings.

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