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Hi everybody, this is my first post here on CA, although I've been a reader for a while. I'm getting started in Hifi audio (Although I've had Audioengine A5's) and am looking for some suggestions. I am very fortunate (unfortunate?) in that for the summer I live across the street from Goodwin's High End. I went in there looking for a set of speakers. Based on my price range, the fact that I'm a dorm dweller, etc. Paul Chambers recommended a set of Dynaudio Excite 12's. I have listened to that set of speakers in Goodwin's for far to many hours now, and I've decided that they make my music sound great! That said, they need an amp and a DAC to get from my Mac Mini to the speakers. I've been looking around and have a couple of potential options, and I'm looking for more suggestions.


1) Bel Canto S300iu. I have found this used locally for a reasonable price. I like that it is a one box solution, but I've never heard it, and Goodwin's doesn't seem to carry it. I'd then buy some speaker cable and call it a day.


2) Based on reviews from Positive Feedback Online, I'm looking at the Devilsound DAC with a Virtue Audio Two amplifier. Again, haven't heard it, but it's supposedly quite good.


So, any thoughts, suggestions, whatever? My budget is 1000-2500 USD. I like the Dynaudios, but I'm not committed to them in any way.


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