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Behold! Equalizer APO for Windows (Open Source)

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Have you ever heard of Equalizer APO?

It is really great, it is fully costumizable parametric equalizer with unlimited numbers and OPEN SOURCE

It is compatible with Windows (Dunno if Vista and 7 is Supported, But 8 and 8.1 works)

If you have Windows 8 and then version 8 and under is supported

for Windows 8.1 is version 8.1 and upwards (something with changed APO thingy)

You can use Room Equalizer Wizard to create your Equalizer for you (Read the instructions in the Equalizer APO Documentation)


Note the higher end of equalizer (10khz and up, is the dB timed up to 2 times, like increase 1dB will result in 2db)

The not great is, it is used in WIndows APO, note WASAPI or ASIO likewise will not work, it is directly streamed and bypasses the APO.

You can find the program at this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/

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