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MusiCHI - Columns specific to genre?


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Are you using MusicCHI for ripping/tagging CDs now? Do you use it for anything more?


I just received the Vol. 8 of Haydn Symphonies by Hogwwod and the AAOM. It had been on my wish list for years. I finally gave up waiting for a cheap copy on Amazon. As usual, I entered all but the movement names manually when I ripped the CDs.

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I haven't tried it at all. I can of course download a trial and see how it is, but thought I'd ask about that one feature first. If it doesn't do that, I'll probably just stick with Foobar. Although MusiCHI's tagging for classical does look awesome. I'm not sure I how much tagging detail I'll actually want, but I do a see a few tagging features in MusiCHI that look interesting.

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