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Mac Mini Noisy

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Chris or Anyone;


I have a Mac Mini doing service as a music server via FireWire into an Apogee Mini DAC. For the last month it has been making noise through the system that sounds similar to a dial-up modem. I tried a better FireWire cable thinking the Mini was sending out airborne RF. THere also was not any noise using the TosLink but I didn't like that compared to the FireWire. I tried my girl friend's Mac notebook and ran the FireWire out to the DAC. There was no noise at all...silence. Also, the music sounded so much better with more meat on the bones for the imaging with better delineation and separation. It was so much more organic and natural sounding.


So I ask the guys at the Apple Store about it and they look at me in confusiuon and seem dumbstruck. Am I looking at a motherboard replacement here or is it something simple that someone may recognize the answer to?


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