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Any fanless motherboards with Toslink in/out?

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I started a thread on best PC low jitter feed for external DAC & went down the road of USB which got nowhere really.


Now I wanted to look at the possibilities of synchronous reclocking by sending the DAC's clock (low jitter) back to the PC. I believe this is not too difficult to implement & I have a schematic if anyone is interested. Why use toslink connection between PC & DAC: because it galvanically isolates the PC from the DAC & the high jitter of Toslink doesn't matter in this case because of the local reclocking happening at the DAC. I hope this makes sense?


Now, to synchronise the PC to the DAC's clock requires a S/PDIF signal sent back from the DAC's local clock (via toslink) & the ability to lock the PC's audio output to this clock. Some soundcards have the ability to do do this - the only one I found with Toslink I/O is the TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Space but this is out of production & hard to find.

This soundcard uses an Envy24HT chip.


Anyway, is there a fanless motherboard which supports

- Toslink Input & Output or at least a SPDIF I/O block to connect into

- can be locked to audio clock input speed


I've searched but came up blank!


Edit: I forgot to say that i really only want to go upto 96KHz as it gets too complicated above this & how much material is available at this speed?


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