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Deadbeef and iFi iDSD nano


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I just received my iDSD nano and gave it a run.

I run deadbeef on Linux Mint 17 and deadbeef is configured as "bit perfect" (found this on an other website, see below).

The problem is that the iDSD doesn't get the audio as is, when I play 24bit/192kHz music, it says it's playing 44kHz/48kHz music.


I don't know where to look in my system to find the problem, can someone help me on this?





DeaDBeef: (a) Click on the Edit menu, then Preferences.

(b) In the Preferences window under "Sound" tab > "Output plugin" = "ALSA"

"Output device" = "HDA Intel ALC889,


NOTE: the "Output device" choice will depend on the type of sound card in your computer. It may be labeled differently from the one I have.

© In the same Preferences window select > Plugins

In the left column select "Alsa Output Plugin" and then click the "Configure" button

In the configuration window make sure that ALSA resampling is unchecked and that you place a check in box to "Release device when stopped".

You are now done setting up DeaDBeeF for bit perfect playback.

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