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iTunes Track/Album Info Editing Tips

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Hello all,


For all of you out there who are new to using iTunes, like myself, as your music storage/playback software of choice I thought I would pass on some very useful information I found on the Apple User Support Discussions site. For you experienced iTunes users you’ll probably find this information old hat.


The two hyperlinks below will take you to postings on the site dealing with how to do housekeeping of the iTunes track/album information when you’re editing that information in your iTunes system. I know from personal experience at doing editing of my own album and track notes that these helpful hints and tips saved me a whole ton of time when editing.


A real big shout out to “turingtest2” on the Apple User Support Discussions site for having the working knowledge of this stuff and for sharing it with the iTunes user community:






This additional hyperlink below will help you solve the problem when you’ve “oversized” your iTunes pane on your screen (a big shout out to “Diane Wordsmith” on the site for sharing this tip):




Hope this information is useful to you.


Enjoy your music and regards to all,


Mister Wednesday


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