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Does BitPerfect stay "local"?

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I'm looking to improve the playback option when using iTunes.


My question is: If I purchase BitPerfect does it just remain "local" to my Mac laptop, or will I receive the improvements if I sync music files to my Apple TV serve and iPhone 4s?


Thanks in advance


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See the section on AirPlay


BitPerfect: User Manual


The question I have is which version of AppleTV do you have? The big first version, or the hockeypuck? The first version you physically copy your music to, and BitPerfect has no impact on playback (because it's not playing anything). If you have the hockeypuck, there is no media local and everything is streamed. You can only play music using AirPlay, which is where the previous FAQ comes into play.


Either way, if you play from your iPhone, BitPerfect will not come into play because it's a MacOS app, not an iOS app.


Hope that helps


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