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W4SDSDSe Driver 3.1 Package Win8.1x64 issue

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I wonder if someone else has come across this and solved it.


W4S Driver 3.1 works on x32 Windows, Server 2012 and Server 2012R2 but has a problem

in W8.1 x64 when W4S Asio x64 in installed with Foobar. The KS driver will not appear and

playback can only be carried out on W4S Asio or DoP with FooAsio.


It so happens that I prefer KS playback using the SACD plug in, with DSD to 358.2 pcm



The anomaly is weird as Server should behave in the same way as Win 8.1 x64. Compatibility

mode install in W8.1 x64 makes no difference.


Has anyone solved this?


The updated Amanero Combo Driver doesn't work on the W4S when I installed it to see

if there is any difference in behaviour.


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