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Mac Mini Sleep Mode and NAS

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Hi all


I'm thinking of putting together a system to feed my DAC but have a few questions if someone could answer before buying the hardware.


Configuration will be mac mini running jriver as this has an ipad app, sole use as music server, and connected to DAC via usb cable. Music will be stored on a NAS drive (which i already have running) upstairs. jRemote on ipad to select music.


I'm pretty sure that the library in jriver can be set to look at the NAS drive and then pull the files from it to play. However i don't want either the mac mini disk drive or the NAS drives constantly spinning. Basically when I'm not playing music i want the mini to let the NAS spin down and the mini to go into a sleep mode and then be woken by the ipad when i open jremote. this in turn would start up the NAS drive.


Is this possible and easy to set up or will the mini keep the NAS running constantly. Any advice would be appreciated.


If there is other software other than jriver that has a ipad remote app then please suggest



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I've got a similar set up, except I'm using A+, both in iTunes and direct mode. The answer may depend in part on the software that runs your NAS. Mine is a synology, and sleeps just fine until the mini (which also sleeps fine) pages it. I'm using an ipad with splashtop to control the mini, so I do need to touch the power button to wake it up--once the mini wakes up, the VPN connection with splashtop opens and things run great. So, you may also need to manually wake the mini up before jriver remote will see it, but this is minor.

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Hi pooger


Many thanks for the reply. I have a Synology 213j running an old version of DSM 3.2, wont go into the reasons. Can you tell me which unit your using and the version of DSM.


Is there any particular setting on the mac that puts it into sleep mode. Sorry i have mot used a mac so no idea how it works.



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