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Musical fidelity V90-HPA setup with ATH-M50X's help

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I'm new too this audiophile stuff , i recently bought


audio technica ATH-M50X's

Musical fidelity V90-HPA

Audio engine D1

Belkin Gold series USB A too B


I'm selling the D1 because i prefer the MF

do USB leads really matter ? i bought a Belkin gold series, i refuse to spend £££ on a lead


I've got the thing setup fine, iTunes is my music player (this is not a studio setup or anything i just listen to music whilst browsing eBay lol)


i currently have the following enhancements on in speaker properties


Virtual surround

Bass Boost


question about the bass boost i have it set at

Freq 600 Hz

Boost level 3dB


What should i run the bass at whats the difference in Hz, i mean it sounds amazing as it is

does anyone have any pointers on bass boost levels , should i run asio4all drivers or anything

just general tips would be helpful

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