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JRiver: I'd like to power down my system

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My system setup is: a headless Win 7 PC running JRiver connected to a USB to SPDIF converter (Firestone Audio Bravo). I like to leave my computer running 24/7 because it backs up to Carbonite. I also like to shut down my stereo including the USB to SPDIF converter to save power and because all the LEDs drive me crazy at night.


If I shut the stereo down but leave the PC on, the next day I have to reboot the PC in order to get the PC to re-recognize the USB to SPDIF converter as the sound card.


I'm wondering if there is anyway to prevent this.


Thanks for the tips.


Nvidia ION running JRiver 21 on Win 7

- USB to Firestone Audio Bravo USB to SPDIF Converter. Optical to miniDSP NanoDigi eq/crossover. SPDIF to 2 Cambridge Audio DacMagics. Analogue to Audio Refinement Pre-5 to 2 M&K V-75 powered subwoofers & Audio Refinement Multi-2 power amp to Focal Chorus 716s.

- Intel NUC on Win 10 as JRiver 21 DLNA renderer. USB to Breeze Audio DU-U8 USB to SPDIF converter. SPDIF to Anthem MRX-520. Mirage OMD-5: left, right & surrounds. Mirage OMD-C1: center. SVS-SB-2000: subwoofer.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Pro on Volumio DLNA renderer to Rega Mira 3 to Dali Zensor 1s.

- Raspberry Pi2 with HifiBerry Dac+Standard on Volumio DLNA renderer to NAD 312 to PSB Alphas.

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