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Trying to setup my PC to replace my Sonos

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First question so be nice.


I have done quite a bit of research and I think I have found what I am looking for. So I really seeing if I am barking up the wrong tree…


Currently for audio I am running a Sonos into my Naim Supernait (Dac/Amp combo) and my PC onboard graphics card has an optical out which feeds a Maudio CO2, one feed going to my Supernait and the other my AV processor.


So, I am trying to find a solution to use my PC for audio, as my Sonos does not support higher resolution audio. I have hit a few obstacles in my *search*.


Firstly, my PC does not sound as good as my Sonos. I am attributing this to using a cheap digital out. So my first task is to get a soundcard, the only one I have found that suits the purpose is the ESI [email protected] - ASIO support, dual simultaneous digital outs, 192khz support on both, DTS/DD bypass. Is this the only card on the market that fulfils my requirements? I am happy to use an external one too, but not happy to continue using my CO2 repeater (and it only supports 96/24).


So, assuming the [email protected] is up to the task, the next thing is software.


I understand I need something that supports ASIO and I would like something that is compatible with iPhone remote. I have had some bad experiences with media monkey, not sure why but I get jumpy audio over my network (all my music sits on a NAS, FLAC format). So I am testing Foobar, so far works well but the iphone interface is limited. Are there any other programs I can try? I am using XP btw.


So this is where I am at. Unless someone pipes up otherwise I am going to order a [email protected] and hope it improves my digital output from my PC, but I am open to suggestions, and while I have a budget I can stretch if necessary….(if it all fails I am buying a Linn sneaky DS and using it as a transport – I am very happy with the supernait as a DAC)



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