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EAC into iTunes - with tags?


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Hi everyone, it looks like I've found the right people to help me figure this out!


I want to re-rip my CD library. I'd like to use EAC, as I've used it before and found it to work really well and I'm confident in its rips. I'd like to keep an uncompressed format for archive and live listening on my 'good' system, but I'd also like to use iTunes to manage a library of compressed audio, including files generated from the new rips (I'm already using iTunes Match to help me upgrade all my low quality MP3's, fix tags etc). So the trick is to rip and encode into an iTunes-compatible format that preserves the tags. I'm trying AIFF.


So far, I've managed to get EAC to rip and produce AIFF files using SOX. I've also been able to get these AIFF files into iTunes, but I haven't been able to get iTunes to acknowledge any tags whatsoever. I don't know whether the problem lies with EAC, SOX or iTunes.


With some of the ID3 settings in EAC, iTunes fails to recognise the AIFF at all, so I"m currently trying different combinations of settings in the hope that there is a magic combination. If there is, I haven't been able to find it!


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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