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Stello u3 and mac issues

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Dear all,


First post here. I am having a bit of a puzzle with my mac mini and Stello U3, probably a driver issue. I used to play through my Stello and Metrum octave dac... no worries there. However when I tried to do a A/B comparison with my W4S Dac2 things went wrong. Ever since I have installed the Dac2 driver my stello doesn't work. And the weird thing is that the Stello is still recognized by my mac as well as Jriver for mac, but no sound.


I had already deleted the W4S driver, but to no avail. So to sum up, Stello light's green as it should, Xmos is recognized, Jriver revognizes Xmos, Dac recognizes signal over coax, both W4S (also tested it with the stello) and Metrum read the incoming signal but no sound whatsoever (so no hum, clicks or static, dead quiet)


Any suggestions?


Lots a thanks,



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