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kingrex rega dac media center 16

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bought rega dac and kingrex digital to digital converter to play hi res, from xp laptop, so used asio


with the xp machine my choices were

1 all resolutions using kingrex on dac ok using foobar

2 redbook only using j river media center

since i prefere the sound from media player i have been using that configuration with red book only


bought a new laptop running windows 7, i thought as no asio involved (using wasapi) i would be able to

play back all resolutions from media center


on the windows 7 laptop with no kingrex i can play red book from media player

however with the kingrex in the loop i get no sound at all, even thought the dac will display the resolution

being input to it and the input locked is illuminated


please can anyone help

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