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New music server/htpc


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Hi guys need some help here on a new music server. I am looking at using the following parts. Any help would be appreciated.

Asus Gryphon motherboard http://www.asus.com/...ds/GRYPHON_Z87/

Intel Core i7 4770T Quiet PC Processors and Heatsink Accessories

Samsung Pro ssd Samsung 128GB SSD 840 PRO Series - SATA III 6Gbs, 2xnm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND, 3-Core MDX Controller, 256MB RAM, 5 Years Warranty

Corsair 16gb ram http://www.allneeds....au/prod1154.htm

Pioneer Blu Ray Pioneer 15X Blu-Ray Writer BDR-209DB SATA Black

Asus wifi ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Dual-band Wireless AC1900 PCI-E Adapter

External 3tb hard drive connected to usb.

And probably the PPA usb card SHOPPING AREA: AUDIO GRADE USB 3.0 PCIE CARD

and a vfd display Feature


Now the power supply. I would like to use the

picoPSU-160-XT + 192W Adapter Power Kit http://www.mini-box....apter-Power-Kit

but not sure if it would be powerful enough, any help appreciated. Or my second option is the

Seasonic x520 Platinum fanless power supply Online Computer Store - Umart Online® Your one stop Computer Shop for computer parts,notebook and new system or

any recommendations for a linear power supply but i'm trying to avoid too many separate boxes as some guys are using multiple supplies to power each part of the pc individually.

I'm trying to keep it as fanless as possible. The case i'm going to shoe horn everything in is a Pioneer Dv717 dvd player with a similar set up to damien55 post 118 here Custom build HTPC inside old DVD player | Page 4 | AVForums



PS I will connect this to a NAD M51 dac. And want to use windows server r2 and JRiver. Sound quality is important.

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