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another pc case in my setup, yes, but...

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Greetings to everyone in this GREAT community.

I've been reading a lot, and there sure is a hell lot of information to gather here.


For now, my setup is trully trying to be the best of both world, and I'm close to achieve what I wanted.


Video source: PC HC (node 605, powerfull I7 in order to run mpc hc + script to get the best picture possible) I'm using xbmc for the ease of use, via xbmc constellation on ipad mini

Processor : Rotel RSP 1570

Pre ampli : Parasound Halo P7

Music source : Marantz NA7004 + Burson Audio DAC

amp : Rotel RMB1075 (surround and center)

W4S SX 500 (for front)

speakers : Waterfall Victoria EVO, Athom C-1, waterfall Hurricane

Sub : Velodyne MicroVee


With the P7 and the SX500, I'm quite happy, it was a really good improvement. Later will come the 3 way W4S amp, simply because I'm moving to a closed cabinet, and the RMB1075 won't survive here.


But...there's always a but. On the music side of the thing, I do think it can be better, with a few parameters in mind

1/ ease of use, remote control via ipad mini or/+ logitech ultimate

2/ completely silent

3/ able to play DSD, flac, internet radio.


So, I've been thinking about already made music server, be it Wyred4sound, or other brand.

Or, lately yesterday, I've discovered the world of thin itx, especially with Tranquil PC and the incredible thin itx they produce (although quite pricey).

I was thinking going thin itx way, with something not very powerfull, and Vortexbox as the os.

Then, I've read here about the mac mini.

I do have my old imac that I use as my headphone rig (fostex HPA8C + grado PS1000), and using itunes + audinirvana, I like it.


So, mac mini... but staying always on, won't it overheat, and remote wise, will it work with just an ipad?


So yes, I'm quite lost, there are benefits everywhere, thin itx is sexy, daed silent, thin enough, mac mini, well, it's osx, I know the benefit.


But which one handle best the 3/ steps I've described, that, I don't know for now on...

So if anyone can help me, would be great, trully:)

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