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Wadia 121 + mavericks = problem ?

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Hi everyone,


I used for a year a wadia 121 DAC plugged with usb interface with my old iMac and got nothing less than pleasure. A couple of month ago I did an upgrade to a new imac, the os was in version 10.8 and, as 10.9 (mavericks) was already out, I did an os upgrade.

Since then using the wadia with usb is really problematic, the sound is clattering, first the rattle is gentle and becomes very annoying.

The annoyance is less important when using audirvana as itunes plugin, but still there.

I didn't remarked anything special before I upgrade to 10.9 but I used this computer a very short time before updating, so not 100% sure the problem was not already there.

I have sent an email to wadia support to ask them if they had any negative feedbacks from users of mac os 10.9, I'm waiting for their answer.

Does anyone had such problem ?

Thanks for help and suggestions.

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An update after installing 10.9.2 upgrade wich was told to solve som audio concerns occording to the notes.

Since more than a week I have not experienced any problem with my DAC connected on USB to my Imac, I have tried VLC playback, itunes + audirvana and some streaming stuff: several hours of listenning without any problem.

The problem is solved by the upgrade.

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