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More hassles with the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station

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I've had it up to here! The Airport airdisk function and my XP computers can't keep straight which drive is assigned to which drive letter. This has happened repeatedly over the last few months. I'm at a loss. Z: should be a 1TB drive, Y: a 500 GB. But last night my computers went to sleep, and this morning, one is reversed. Sometimes it happens while everything is running ostensibly normally. Sometimes, they lose the connection altogether, and it just says invalid network path when I try to connect.


My only recourse is to a)shut down my computers and the AE. Disconnect the Y: drive from the USB hub. Restart AE. Restart my computers. Wait for connection. Then got back and reattach the USB cord from Y:.

My advice: Airport Extreme is NOT a reliable NAS. I've had nothing but frustration from mine, on multiple fronts.


This is too much. On top of the hiccups in the stream, I have to say I would not recommend Airport Extreme for computer audio. It's been a litany of hassles and it has never worked satisfactorily for me. If I had known it would be this much trouble, I would have waited until I could afford a real NAS.


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