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... in any way affiliated with Queensryche or the cdpulse organization.


But this looks like a winner for an early week entertainment experience. For anyone that loves Queensryche, this ought to be great. From the description given at the link above, the show will include the new album, but they will be covering much of their career tonight, presented in three segments !


Thought I'd re-tweak this short thread to bring it to the top of the list again. The show is in two hours from now - 8 pm eastern US time. I've got my ticket!


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Hey Markr


How ya been


Concert was great fun - they played alone for almost 2.5 hours. Sound wasn't that great for some reason to me. The mix in particular. We were sixth row, maybe too close under those suspended hanging rigs. I think we were in the middle of the fan club section - people were crazy! If any iPhone pics are worth posting I'll try to get a couple up.


Read folks had some difficulties with the broadcast. Neat idea tho. I'd pay 6 bucks to watch a lot of concerts I wont pay 150 to see.


How'd it work for you?




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Doing OK. Hope you are too. Got downsized at work, so I'm hunting now. They were good about giving me 'resources' to survive for some time to come though.


From what I saw..... it was a great concert. I was totally impressed that they were on for as long as they were. One problem: just as the band was getting warmed up really good, at the very end of 'Home Again' (great song and performance of it, BTW), we had a power failure in the neighborhood here. I'm sure that I missed the heart of the concert. It lasted an hour (!*#@!!)! It came back on just in time to catch the last two minutes of the song before the Empire encore (Hang on Heart?). That was the only encore, wasn't it? There were no real video issues while I was able to receive though. Just a couple of short 'freezes' - less than a couple of seconds long.


I wouldn't call the video 'HD' as they advertised. It was very good quality for the web though. It looked about as good as I am usually able to see when I am at a live concert (wink), and there were several camera angles that they ran through so that was better than being there I'd guess. I sent the video output to my TV but the 'full screen' option they provided didn't cover my whole flat panel, so they need to work on that. It might be a Flash program limitation. They should probably call the video "HQ for the web"...


The Sound was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but not too bad. The LaScala's liked it well enough. I did notice some midrange smear and the highs were a bit weak. Good bass and low mids. Decent stereo field (I think it was mixed for surround & I don't have surround). I had it running through my mixing board channel strips and was able to tweak it to where it was pretty good. It improved through the show, as is usually the case with amplified concerts. The clarity of the vocals was never what it should have been, but was pretty good in spots.


If you were sitting in front of the 'flying' speaker arrays, you definitely didn't get the best live sound. They are very directional but sound great when you get the (wide) sweet spot that they provide out in front of them. I had that sweet spot when the Stones came through Austin a couple of years back and was amazed at how good it sounded - even though it was outdoors. Heck, that was great sound even for a well controlled auditorium concert. The only thing that I've heard better was Pink Floyd & both those concerts were inside.


Overall, I would definitely do this again for bands I like. Probably even for bands I don't know that are out there and are supposed to be 'tearing it up'... and hope that the City of Austin power division doesn't fail me again.




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Yeah we're doing great. Sorry to hear about the job thing.


I didn't write anything down but I think this is close, if not exact -



Neue Regel

The Whisper

I Dream in Infared

Screaming in Digital

Walk in the Shadows

I Will Remember

Surgical Strike


The Killer

If I Were King

Man Down

Dead Man's Words

Home Again

The Voice

Best I Can

The Thin Line

One and Only

Hand on Heart

Silent Lucidity

Jet City Woman

Anybody Listening?




Take Hold of the Flame


I'm pretty stuck on Empire - what an album. Wish I could find it on good vinyl.


Here's links to some fanclub pics - not ours -





Dream Theater coming to town I see .....



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... that I missed most of my favorites - everything after Home Again up to the tail end of Anybody Listening, is ... Well the Empire album except for The Voice. Yes I agree that album is great front to back & I'm as stuck as you are on Empire. I do see the vinyl available on the web, but not in"new or mint" condition. There are several used copies for sale and the prices don't look too bad for that sort of thing. Surely someone will reissue it at some point.


Looking at the pictures...... we are getting old, man. It's a good thing we still have the rock to keep our hearts going! The pix from the photobucket there are of nice quality.


Dream Theater .... I'm stuck on 'Images and Words" for that band. But really, they have a lot of material that I haven't heard yet.....


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