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Recently I wrote Role Audio for a revew sample of their Sampam, they had given out many for review and suggested their new Bossa Nova.


When I first laid eyes on them I was critical given the diver dimension of [sorry] 3". Then the TL (Transmission Line)design took full effect and as the manufacturer states;


"a driver with a resonant frequency of 100 cycles to play 40 cycles -- and that is a result of the transmission line design of the Bossa Nova cabinet and a Zobel circuit used to flatten the frequency response to +/- 3.5 dB out to 20,000 cycles."


I began Streaming Audio and movie playback through these floor standing speakers and was taken aback. Using the 50Wpc Decco integrated amp and its (USB fed in this circumstance) Phillips "double crown" DAC (Oyaide Tunami Nigo speaker cable) they performed beyond my expectations.


The first thing you notice is a clean presentation, a decent soundstage and top to bottom control. Delicate highs give lots of detail even though the midrange was anemic in the lower regions. The bass was that of a well tuned "pipe" and it is this structure which undoubtedly augment's the bass and gives body to the music. As a foundation the bass is light, but well controlled and what you get is much more then you could hope for in a 2" driver. The are less expensive competition such as Tekton speakers which I hope to test soon, but the Bossa Nova have a unique presentation, satisfying for sure given a single 2" driver.


While many don't want a "unique" sound, only accuracy, its hard to avoid as the cost drops. Of course even costly speakers have their own character, however; as material cost drops Deisgner's are hard pressed to give you more for less. This often results in a "signature sound" based on a entirely different set of criteria compared to those working with large budgets and aiming at a different consumer segment. If you want it all you'll have to start saving for Wilson's but what impresses me is when a low cost speaker sounds great.


If your looking for a decent product under $800, the NSM (affiliated with and benefitting from Role Audio's 19-years experience) Bossa Nova are a great find....


Tecon Model 55 Sep (Burr Brwon DAC)[br]Peachtree Decco hybrid Phillips DAC)[br]ADM9.1 powered (Wolfson DAC)[br]Cain & Cain Abby passivw single driver[br]ADM-9.1[br]Assosrted cables

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