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Choice of three switchers

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If you had your choice of these three switchers, which would you buy?


Psyclone PSC4 $135 (MSRP $200) (more info and photos)


Thor HDC-100 $160 (more info and photos)


Shiny Bow SB-5605 $130 (MSRP $549)


Now for those with some time to kill, here's why I've come to these three units...


The first two show what device is selected on an LCD screen. This makes my wife happy and that makes me happy. They also both look nice.


The third unit seems like a really high quality model, although I could be falling for marketing hype. The low price compared to MSRP seems to be a liquidation deal, so if it's really that high quality of a unit then I don't think I can pass it up. The downside is that it's "ugly" compared to the others. Again, gotta keep the wife happy when possible, but I gotta do what I gotta do. :)


My system consists of three devices that would go through the switch - CD, DVD and DTV which are all optical audio. The DVD is component video so I'd have to buy a converter for that, hopefully they aren't too expensive. The main audio will be coming via USB directly to a DAC and will never touch this switch, so it's only for CD, DVD and TV. There is a possibility of an SPDIF Coax audio device coming into the mix, which would make the second two units attractive since they have both types of inputs.


I don't expect any noticeable video quality loss so I guess my question is... How important is quality for an SPDIF audio switch?


Ah, nuts! sys64738

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