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Another DVD A explorer question

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I know that a DVD A has a set of 5.1 tracks and a set of 2.0 tracks. I have used DVD A Explorer to choose and rip the 2.0 tracks.


I am now trying to rip a NAXOS DVD A. When I open the Command Prompt window and look at the DVD, it is clear that there are two AOB files. The larger one is probably the 5.1 and the smaller is the 2.0 stereo that I want. However, when I open the DVD with DVDA Explorer, I can only see the 5.1 file. There are several IFO files to click on, but they all show only the 5.1 AOB.


I am using DVDAexplorer 7-21-08 Beta 3. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a work-around?




For the Record I will answer my question. Click on one of the 5.1 tracks; see if there are 2 substreams (there are two on my DVD); then click on extract... make WAV file... make stereo downmix... Extract.


These steps will pull out a stereo WAV file from the 5.1 DVD. It will not work unless there are two substreams.



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