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pro-ject for imac? Quality of the mac CD player vs. mimik

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sorry for the far too simple questions: I'm ripping my CDs on my imac (apple lossless), and I'm a beginner concerning PC/music


1. I suppose the mechanic quality of the mac cd player is not the same as in my old linn mimik. Indeed, in some CDs I feel the Mac CD player is really struggling. Can I skip the mac player and get my CD ripped in itunes via Mimik, and how?. Or is the quality of the mac player good enough?

2. When I use the imac CD player, should I import directly the CD AIFF files in itunes or simply copy the CD on the HD and play the files via itunes?

3. Itunes error correction on or off?

3. I am actually getting my music from the imac to my nait 2 via headphones output. Some people recommended the pro-ject usb box. Would it be a real improvement for my mac?


Thanks for your help


imac intel 17", OS 10.5.6, mimik, nait2, sonus faber concertino,classic and some jazz



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