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24/96 playback problem

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I wanted to try to some 24/96 playback so downloaded some HDTracks and also loaded the new John Mellencamp DVD into a Macbook (white 2007 model). I converted the HDTracks from FLAC to AIFF using MAX and loaded the Mellencamp as WAV directly from the DVD and played back in ITunes after setting the MIDI to 24/96 on the MAC. When set at 24/96, I hear frequent stops and popping. If I set back to 24/44, the problem goes away. I am using the macbook's audio mini to toslink to my DAC. My toslink has a cheap converter attachment from TOSLINK to the mini, which is high on my list as the culprit. Anyone else experience this?


Incidentally playback of the DVD on a Blue ray player with SPDIF out to my DAC at 24/96 works flawlessly and sounds great.


PS. hope this 24/96 DVD audio under the CODE project continues. Seems to be very straightforward. Everyone has a DVD or blue ray these days.


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Bottlerocket, yes, I have sometimes had those cheap rca-to-miniplug connectors go bad. I think the shield comes unsoldered from yanking it in and out and then you get a lot of unpleasant noise. However, that doesn't explain why everything is fine when you switch to 44.1kHz!


Also as you're getting the same problem both from wav and from aiff -- converted from flac -- it seems a bit unlikely that both sets of files are corrupted.


Do you know that your DAC supports 24/96? Is there an indicator light that comes on to show that it's locked in at 96kHz?


Another angle is that you might load another player such as sbooth's Play software http://sbooth.org/Play/. Then trying playing the same files and see if you hear the same problem. Also I think you can play the flac files directly with this.


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