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Econo System

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As soon as our lovely economy begins to turn around, I hope to do some upgrading. Here is the current system:


Powerspec P4 with 120WD 712 RAM


Creative Extigy External Card (I like this card. I did a bit of contact cleaning, using DeOxIt, and it seemed to open up the sound a bit.


Altec Lansing Model 251 (used in 2.1), again treated to a DeOxIt spritz or two, which also seemed to elevate their sound. Sub is a bit boomy, so I may have to do some poking around to keep it more calm.


I use WinAmp Pro with the Lame encoder to convert to CBR 320. I add the files to my Creative Zen Xtra with a Firestone amp attached. I found the 3M adhesive (the picture hanging tape) secures the amp well to the back. I currently have another Creative that is, well, sick. It is being sent to a specialist for more tests. If all works out, it will have a 120 gig, and hold everything in WinAmp.


Lastly, I have a SlotMusic player (I kinda like the concept) that I use for walking and hiking. I added a little FiiO amp to the out side, again using 3M adhesive, and use it with SkullCady IE phones. All in all, it sounds pretty good, and will make you think about your hearing if turned up a ways. Oh yeah...I stuck some Harley stickers on it, cause that seems the only way I can get close to an HD.


I hope to post some pics when my camera is charged.


I suppose I should have asked the question of "what do you think"? Any thoughts of improving what I already have?


Thanks for your time.






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