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Ripping Time

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I'm using EAC for rips, set (in the setup wizard) for maximum quality.


I did a test on a random disc with no visible damage. It took 4 minutes and 4 seconds to rip with Sound Juicer. It took 14 minutes and 18 seconds to rip with EAC. So EAC is 3.5 times slower.


Keeping up with new purchases is not an issue. I just rip in the background as I do other things, and before you know it it's done. Ripping my 24 year backlog of discs is another matter. I find I can't rip more than about 10 per day, and that's when I'm being a good lad. The difference between 10 discs per day and 35 discs per day is significant.


If I had settled for normal rips I would have done all this years ago. Since I wanted the accurate rips, I am still futzing around with it.


I'm a firm believer that "bit-perfect" starts with getting the right bits off the disc, so the extra time is worth it to me, but for those of you with huge music collections, consider the time involved before you decide to make the investment.


16/44.1 source material, ripped via EAC to WAV. Linux (Fedora 10) machine -> USB -> Headroom Desktop Headphone Amp (Max DAC, Max module) -> Sennheiser HD650

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True enough, WoodsDweller. And as you say, why use a process which actually embeds errors in the music files? Why that's like dumping dirt on your records, deliberately stretching your reel to reel tapes, rotoring your 50 foot yagi 30 degrees off signal... I mean there's just no point.


The way I look at it, I have the same trouble with listening to music. I have thousands of records -- and there are some years when I don't get to this or that shelf. There's only so much time. And after 5 years, I still haven't cleaned all my records on the VPI record cleaning machine. So this is a bit similar to my vinyl routine. I just take it one at a time, and rip what I want to listen to that night.


2013 MacBook Pro Retina -> {Pure Music | Audirvana} -> {Dragonfly Red v.1} -> AKG K-702 or Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

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