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k mixer-the saga continues

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hi guys,


thanks again for your replies. i have purchased a EMU 0404 as it seems to pack a reasonable punch at the price £85.00. this has been configured and seems to sound better than my previous usb setup. i am now outputing to my dacmagic via the coaxial spdif connection. the card is asio compliant although i still cant load an asio driver.


i have downloaded asio4all as per the forum recommendations and copied the .dll file into media monkeys plug-in directory. i cannot get media monkey to recognise it, which seems to be a problem other users have encountered according to the forum posts. if anyone has encountered, and solved, the issue of loading an asio driver into media monkey, do they have a step by step guide?


another thing that confuses me is the difference between the c.a. recommended wave out.dll plug in and the (yet to be loaded) asio.dll. everyone seems to recognise the asio is the best options yet the wave out.dll is the recommended output plug in, is this a conflict or am i misunderstanding something?


thanks all for your support. it is a good point that was made regarding getting to hung up on the tec stuff, i am enjoying this journey in a sadistic kind of way although i do miss the on/off and play of my cd player.


there is a definate market out there for pre-configured, hassle free, pc based audio systems. do you guys fancy a trip to the uk, you can buy a bank over here for a few dollars now :)



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Oh dear, things don't seem to be going too well ;) Couple of things :


1. A soundcard needs a 'driver' so that Windows can talk to it. Asio4All is a soundcard driver that 'should' work with soundcards that do not have their own asio driver. More later.


2. MediaMonkey then needs a plugin that will allow it to talk to the asio driver.


So what you have here are two different things. Asio4all works with the soundcard, the asio plugin in MM works with asio4all.


So, you need to download the asio plugin for MM and copy that into the MM plugin folder. You can get it :


here : http://otachan.com/out_asio(dll).html (v0.67 - will work with MM)


or here : http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details/156466 (latest version - said to be better but might not work)


Which ever one you use, it needs to be installed to the MM plugins folder.


Once that's done follow the instructions under 'Asio Plugin' here : http://www.mediamonkey.com/addons/input-output/ to get it working.


Righto then, The Emu0404, unless I'm very much mistaken, already ships with an Asio2 driver so you should not need to install Asio4All, at all, 4All!! As the install seems to have gone a little off course anyway, I would suggest uninstalling, via Windows Add/Remove programs. Install the MM plugin as per above and see if it finds an asio driver. It should find the one installed with the drivers set for your Emu.


Try that, Simon, and come back to this thread if you need more help.


Good Luck! :)


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Sorry about that, probably my fault as I didn't highlight the fact that you need the plug in and ASIO4ALL.

Bob's hopefully got you all set up and running now with his response.


Post back when you're setup or if you're still having more difficulties.


Once it's done it really is done.


Waveout.dll goes through the k-Mixer, so I understand. At full volume with no system sounds playing I believe it should sound great - though Peter mentioned dither the oither day.


Give both a go - I can hear little difference between the two. Infact, one or two people on here have gone back to waveout over ASIO.




HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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thanks bob, was about to hang myself on the mouse lead but followed the instructions and, low and behold, asio appeared in mm output plugins. not to be outdone, the emu also popped its head up so i now have not one, but two to choose from.


i am chuffed. its a doddle this computer music, dont know what all the fuss is about!


thanks again for everyones help. will test your patience again when i come to the next hurdle!


simon c.




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Nice one, Simon.


Now you've got 2 drivers to play with! Greedy boy. It's interesting that the two of them seem to be happy to live with each other and play nicely. Most unusual for a Windows machine, in my experience!!


If you end preferring the Asio2 driver that came with your Emu, I'd still uninstall the Asio4All driver, just to be on the safe side, though. Two drivers looking at the same piece of hardware normally means World War 3 is about to break out! :)


Have fun!


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