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"Now Playing" Album Cover Artwork In iTunes

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I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has this same problem and, if so, how have you resolved it?


I've noticed that in iTunes (on a Mac) there are two places where album cover artwork can be displayed for an album you have selected to play. One place is in the first column on the left in the pane where all the track titles, track times, composers, performers, etc. information is displayed for the album you've selected to play. The other place artwork is displayed is in the same pane but in the very bottom left corner which is labeled "Now Playing". However, the problem I've found is that the artwork in the "Now Playing" location only shows for about 2 minutes or so and then disappears on its own.


Is this the way it's supposed to work or is there something obvious that I'm missing? It's not really a big problem as the album cover artwork in the first location as noted above remains in place all the time. It's just something that's a puzzle to me as it disappears on its own.


By the way, I'm manually inputting album cover artwork for the CDs I'm ripping using iTunes.




Mr. Wednesday


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