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Keyboard/Mouse: Wireless or USB?


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Great site you've got going here, been reading for a while and this is my 1st post.


A little background: My initial foray into PC audio was ~8 yrs ago when I got a Dell desktop packaged with a Santa Cruz Turtle Beach sound card and some ADS speakers (powered 2.1 system). I didn't really buy the PC for music but was astounded by how good it sounded with lossless music compared with my ~23 year old 2 ch hifi system. This past year I've been upgrading my 2 ch hifi and currently have some Dali Helicon speakers with Parasound amps. In Dec I got a Benchmark DAC Pre and have been feeding it with the digital out from my 20+ yr old Mission CD player (I'm using the DAC as the pre-amp). The sound with this setup is excellent to my ears and a huge upgrade over my previous systems. I'm about to get a Mac mini to use as a "server" and plan to try the different outputs (USB, optical) to the DAC.


Q: What are people's opinions on using a wireless mouse/keyboard vs USB mouse/keyboard?


Maybe I'm splitting hairs but seem to have read that its probably best to keep the USB bus running the least amount of stuff if sending the music data via USB, but I also seem to have read that the wireless/Bluetooth transmission may emit some unwanted high freq energy that may not be optimum. I still don't feel as if I know squat about computer audio but have been having fun reading about a lot of it. I also see people mention running the mini w/out a monitor but I'm not clear yet on how that would work and figure I'll start with the conventional monitor/keyboard/mouse setup. Thanks, any feedback will be much appreciated.




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Everything is bad, USB devices, Wifi, screens, etc.

So you need a low power headless PC remotely controlled, no screen, no Wifi, etc.

Next question, does a Mac Mini delivers pristine digital output?

Next question, are all these claims correct?


The answer is simple, try.

You have a PC, you have a Benchmark USB DAC.

Connect the two and do some experiments:

Put them close to each other and at a distance

Have the PC wired and wireless

Try different USB ports

Apply a system load like doing a backup (HD access during playback is also very bad)



My prediction:

the Benchmark is a outboard DAC, it won’t be much influenced by system activity unless the load is to high (drop outs)

It applies asynchronous sample rate conversion, this eliminates most of the input jitter.


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Nervous? Nah, more like excited. Just figured I'd try to get a couple POV's on this as I am a brand new Mac owner. I suspect you're correct in that the BM Pre is impervious to the differences. Some major re-arrangement of the listening room to get this all setup and work's been too busy so I haven't gotten to it yet. Appreciate the reply Roseval.




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