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I wrote an article here: http://www.thesoundtrackzone.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1051


Because I was interested in this also. Basically it handles Audio stuff the same way Vista does, including Vista´s revamped audio engine. Drivers for Vista should work on Windows 7 according to Microsoft but they don´t. My E-MU reacts strange, I have stuttering noises (maybe because my laptop is old ;)) with Direct Sound (ASIO works fine), on a second desktop PC it works like a charm with a bloated X-FI, with custom engineered drivers from Daniel_K.


We´ll have to wait for updated drivers I guess - which can take a (long) while with Creative or E-MU.


E-MU 0202 USB wired with Monster USB Cable --> Audioquest King Cobra --> (sometimes) Corda Arietta --> Sennheiser HD-600

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