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High resolution recording

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1.) I am looking for a Mac software that allows to record at 176,4kHz or 192 kHz to harddisk. So far I have only found Audacity to do the trick. You have to manually enter the bit rate. So does anybody know of a program that can record with this sample raste.


2.) In order to play this music back on systems not capable of the high rates I want to convert the sample rate to 44kHz, wich program comes to your mind?


Thank you for suggestions




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(1) As you are probably aware Mac inputs and outputs only go up to 24 bit / 96kHz, hence the answer to your question depends on what additional hardware you are using. The drivers associated with particular hardware (internal sound card or external audio interface) can extend this higher: there are many devices on the market (RME, M-audio etc) that allow recording up to 192 kHz. Once you have found appropriate hardware there are again several Mac software options that will pick up this hardware and allow you to record. I use Bias Peak Pro.


(2) I chose Peak Pro because it also incorporates very good sample rate conversion, so I could generate 44.1 kHz to make CD versions of my recordings.


Hope this helps




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