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Convert ALAC stored on HDD to Aiff

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Hi, I have a 1tb ext. HDD with music in ALAC wich I would like to convert to Aiff so I can connect it to my Project Stream Box DS (wich dosn't support ALAC)I'm looking for a solution around iTunes cos then I have to import/export wich I thinks is goin to be a hassle!


The music on the HDD is not identical with the iTunes lib.


I have scanned the internet for a solution without luck..


In a dream world it should be a software program that copy/paste my entire HDD and auto converted into aiff:D


Any help is much appriciated.





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For Windows there seems to be a tool for batch conversion. If you have a Windows PC somewhere, just connect the external harddisk and batch convert using this one (untested - don't have Windows myself):







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Max from sbooth.org






should do what you need.


Or if you have access to Windows you could use dbPowerAmp.






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While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

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I've used this script from Doug's AppleScripts, but don't know if there is a limit on the number of files you can process at one time. You might have to do your conversions in several batches.


I've pasted part of the rtf file here for you to see what it does.


Convert and Export v1.1

AppleScript for iTunes

Find more free AppleScripts

and info on writing your own

at Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes.


This script converts the files of the selected tracks in iTunes using an encoder of your choice on-the-fly (restoring your Preferences-set encoder afterwards). The newly converted files are then moved to a new location of your choice, and their tracks removed from iTunes.


This script is Donationware. If you use it and like it please consider making a donation to support my AppleScripting efforts. Click here for more info.




If you installed the files from the downloaded disk image by dragging them to the "Installer", then the AppleScript and this Read Me document have already been installed in your [user name] > Library > iTunes > Scripts folder. The script will appear in iTunes' Script menu, where you can activate it by clicking on its name.


To manually install, if necessary: Put AppleScripts in your iTunes Scripts folder. This is located in [user name] > Library > iTunes. If there is no folder named "Scripts" there, create one and put the script(s) in it. AppleScripts will then appear in iTunes' Script menu, and can be activated by selecting by name and clicking. Be sure to also save this Read Me document in a safe and convenient place.


This script is actually an AppleScript application, or "applet", that can be placed anywhere on your computer, but is probably best accessed from the iTunes Script menu.



How to use:


Select some tracks in iTunes you want to convert and export to a new folder and then run the script.


Choose an encoder to use from the choose box that appears. Your current encoder will be hilighted.


Next, select a folder to which the converted files will be moved.


After a few moments, the files of the selected tracks will have been converted and the converted files moved to your chosen folder, their tracks removed from iTunes (the original files and tracks remain where they are), and your original encoder will be restored. Finally, for your convenience, the folder will be opened in the Finder.


• The iTunes "done chime" will sound after each track is converted. I'm sorry, I cannot prevent this. But you can with the script I Hate That iTunes Done Chime! This will enable you to set the "done-chime" to a preferable AIFF file or no sound at all.



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Thanks for your ideas. @drystream..that looks complicated:D.

@Eloise XLD is really a cool software Didn't know that..thanks:-)

but i'm run in to a problem.


Here is an exampel:

96/24 ALAC file converted to Aiff stored on HDD (in XLD setup you can set bitrate to same as original)


Output folder is same as input and original ALAC file is deleted after process.


When I play my new Aiff file through iTunes "no problem"

But when i play through my stream box with HDD connected thru USB, it makes some wery bad crackely "bit" noises.


XLD states that it can do an excact copy, but something is going wrong!


It sounds like when Midi samplerate on Mac is to high or low, but this is not the case..


Thanks for reading.





iMac27\"i5,Apple TV2(SeasonPass)TC2,Pro-Ject Stream Box DS,Peachtree iNOVA,Shahinian Starter,Wireworld,MSB UMT + MSB Platinum DAC IV, XIVA M8.Tom Fletcher Turntable, Tiny Tube Riaa.[br]Working for www.tekni-fi.dk

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