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Aqvox DAC from Pure Music Group.

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I have been using the MkII for almost a month and sounds good either using the analog output or the headphone amplifier. Just google a bit and you will find a review comparing it to other DACs (Apogee, Benchmark, Lavry, Stello). I ended up buying it because of the price in Europe, the headphone amplifier section, and USB input.



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It is very good indeed it refined and conservative, I looked at it but I am going for the Weiss DAC2 really because I want Firewire.


As with all things only your ears can really answer the question, but it worth hearing.





Trying to make sense of all the bits...MacMini/Amarra -> WavIO USB to I2S -> DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC -> Active XO ->Bass Amp Avondale NCC200s, Mid/Treble Amp Sugden Masterclass -> My Own Speakers

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Per the ACVOX website the USB 2 D/A MK II has USB 2.0 available as an upgrade.


Does anyone have recent experience with this DAC? Is it an asynchronous connection?


I've also asked these questions of ACVOX and I'll post any information that comes my way. If it's built as advertised it should handle 24/192 conversion via USB.


In the meantime, I like the fact that it offers (i) headphone amplification, (ii) monitor control, (iii) source selection, (iv) 24/192 conversion, and (v) balanced analog outputs.


The list of DACs meeting these criteria seems to be a short one. If anyone has names of others that do all of that and also handle USB 2.0 and asynchronous transfer I could use the information.


Many thanks.


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